At Sunnice, our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and reliable services that customers trust and rely on. Over the years, Sunnice has maintained its position as a leading provider of high-performance industrial products, demonstrating the ability to be responsive to business demands, working together with customers and suppliers to ensure mutual business successes.

Sunnice was established in 1984 as an electronics distributor in Hong Kong. Over the years, Sunnice has developed into a leading supplier of industrial equipment provider, its businesses spanning nationwide. With headquarters in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Sunnice is in a position to expand and strengthen local presence.

Competitive Edge
To stay on the competitive edge, we continue to expand our sales network in Mainland China and surrounding regions. Our sales representatives have many years of experience and the quality of our service is further enhanced by our close relationships with suppliers who join us in promoting superior customer services.

Authorized Distributor
Sunnice has been appointed authorized distributor for many distinguished companies and well-known brands:


Hong Kong Polytechnic University -Industrial Centre Collaboration
In 2007, Sunnice collaborated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Industrial Centre (IC) division, providing world-class automation equipment including Toshiba inverter drives and Nemicon encoders for training services, student and industrial projects. Through innovative technology and product application, IC and Sunnice offer a good learning platform for students and trainees.

The Industrial Centre, capitalizing on its facilities and expertise, provides consultancy, training, product development and manufacturing services for the industry, government and professional bodies. More than 3,000 students and professionals go through IC's training each year. IC emphasizes practical, project based training, numerous projects were completed for training purposes. More information is available at IC's website.
Service Center
With our experienced technical staff in Hong Kong and China, Sunnice is the authorized repair and service provider for Toshiba Tosvert products.

Energy and Environment
Sunnice is committed to environmental protection and energy saving. That is why we offer safe and energy efficient inverter drives technologies by Toshiba, for intelligent speed control of fans and pumps. "Green buildings" across Asia selected Toshiba inverter drives for their low energy consumption building automation, HVAC systems. We believe inverter drive is the key to creating comfortable environment conditions for both indoor and outdoor. Please visit the "energy and our environment" page to see how Toshiba inverter drives can achieve this goal.

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